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Mole Repellers, Mole Repellent in Taiwan

Mole repeller at Leaven @ Altrason effective methods to get rid of moles in your yard — without using toxic baits and gases! Using natural mole repellers may be just the thing to get rid of mole animals. Not only is this option safer for the environment (as well as pets and children) but it’s also better for the moles.Rather than killing them, natural repellents simply keep them at bay. Let Leaven @ Altrason be your source of Mole Repeller.Our company offers high quality mole repellers and mole repellent with reasonable price. We have the expertise and longevity that leads to customer satisfaction with our work. Our aim is to offer quality standard equipment to our clients, which are made in accordance with international standards.
Mole Repeller Manufacturer Founded in 1984, Leaven is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Mole Repeller in the Taiwan. For the last 30 years we have strived to develop mouse repellent that are easy to use and ahead of their time. Thanks to our customer-centric attitude and support from our clients, we have experienced steady growth over the past decade. If you are looking for Mole Chaser and Mice Repellent, please do not hesitate to inform us.


Sonic Vibrarandom Snake Repeller

The very convenient and newly developed electronic SONIC VIBRARANDOM SNAKECHASER helps driving snakes out of your property!

Snakes have very poor eyesight and they cannot hear sonic waves transmitted by the air. To make up, they can sense vibrations transmit from the ground by their jowls as a signal of danger. Thus, using the vibrant sound could be a practical, and effective way to scare snakes away from a certain area.


Random Motor Chaser Multi-Functional Repellent

RANDOM MOTOR CHASER Multi-Functional Repeller LS-207

Keep Burrowing Rodents, Snakes, Wild Animals out of Your Garden and Lawn!


RANDOM MOTOR CHASER utilizes the principle of centrifugal force to create strong sound and vibration, by spinning the motor to drive the special built-in metal pieces. Through the aluminum shaft and the horn-shaped speaker, the vibration sound can be amplified and travel farther underground. It is the most effective, humane and eco-friendly way in keeping gardens, orchards and lawns free of destructive field rodents, moles, gophers, snakes, ants, rabbits by inserting into the ground. It also repels wild animals such as deer, birds while hanging the Repeller on a tree or post. Both applications of installing in the ground and hanging above the ground make the RANDOM MOTOR CHASER a Multi-Functional Repeller.


Sonic Molechaser


MOLECHSER is the most humane and environmentally friendly way of keeping gardens and lawns free of destructive ground rodents

Burrowing Rodents Affected
  • Moles
  • Ground squirrels
  • Shrews,
  • Voles
  • Pocket mice and gophers


Motor Molechaser


The most advanced MOTOR MOLECHASER utilizes the principle of centrifugal force to create sound and vibration by motor. The MOTOR MOLECHASER is the most effective, humane and environmentally friendly way of keeping gardens and lawns free of destructive ground rodents such as gophers, moles, ground squirrels, also shrews, voles, pocket mice and kangaroo rats.


Random Motor Molechaser

Strongest Vibration of this Mole Repeller Keeps Burrowing Rodents out of Your Gardens and Lawns Forever!

Random Motor Molechaser adopts the newest and unique motor driven sound element to generate random interval sounds and vibrations in the ground which drive burrowing rodents out of gardens and lawns. It is the most effective, humane, ecologically friendly and safe method to keep landscape free of tunneling pests. Battery life lasts for 10 months. Economic Effective Mole Chaser ever made!


Sonic Molechaser (PLASTIC SHAFT)


LS-997P is with plastic shaft to hold the inner battery compartment and the sonic vibration producing PC board. MOLECHASER is operated on a set of 4 D size battery. The battery life is up to 6 months


Random Sonic Molechaser


RANDOM SONIC MOLECHASER is the super power efficient model among the MOLE CHASER series. It is a newly designed model with the custom designed ASIC (Application Specific IC). The sonic sounds can be produced and emitted at random intervals. It allows prolonging the battery life and preventing possible immunity generating by burrowing rodents. This device can work for more than 10 months by a set of 4 pcs. of D size battery.
This Mole Repeller is effective and energy saving product to work 7/24 constantly to get rid of mole, gopher, vole, ant, rabbit, snake problem for good.
The advantage of this power efficient model makes it more eco-friendly than the solar model. The durable construction and good quality parts of our MOLECHASERs provide long time usage.
Natural mole repeller/ mole repellent can be as simple as planting vegetative barriers throughout the area that deter moles. This mole repeller sends out a burst of sonic waves, of course the rats and mole hate this sound and treat it as a symbol of danger, so, just wait for the rat and mole rush their way out of your property for their lives.Leaven @ Altrason wants to provide you with a quality product on a timely basis that you can install with confidence. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our cost-effective package programs and volume pricing. Welcome to contact with us if you are looking for highly efficient mole repellent.
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