Leaven Enterprise Co., Ltd.

LEAVEN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. was established in Taipei, Taiwan on September 15, 1984. Since 1984, we have been engaged in developing and manufacturing ultrasonic pest control device, animal repeller, mole repellers, bird repeller, rodent repellent, insect repeller, mosquito repeller, snake repeller, air purifiers and general electronic products. Leaven’s pest control products are designed and made for effectiveness, power efficiency and environmental friendly for better pest free and chemical-free living environments. Accumulating years of experience, we can provide you with good quality products, punctual delivery and reasonable prices to meet your market demands. All of our products are of CE, EMC, GS, UL, PSE, SAA approvals and of RoHS compliant. Our R&D Dept. continually designs new products for our existing customers and new clients all over the worlds for a better pest free and pollutant free environments. Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of electronic rodent and insect repeller in Taiwan. We ensure you of efficient services and good quality products.

Bird Repeller, Electronic Bird Scarer Supplier in Taiwan

Our bird repeller is the best pest repeller and latest technology to fight against pest. Also, bird repellers at Leaven Enterprise Co., Ltd. save your money on buying traps and pesticides. Leaven Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984 with the goal of providing quality bird repeller at the best possible price and excellent performance. Our company is a professional manufacturer of bird chaser, providing bird repellent and bird detterent with top quality. Our latest production techniques and dedication of efficient professionals has helped us in attaining clients trust around the world. We do care lives and does respect greens. With our latest ultrasonic technology, repel pests and animals without hurting them.
Bird Repeller Manufacturer As a leading manufacturer and supplier of Bird Repeller in Taiwan, we pay much attention on customer satisfaction and keep providing high quality products and competitive price to them. We believe quality is an ongoing process and is essentially achieved through a concoction of continuous improvement efforts and performance excellence. For questions about your purchase or for product assistance, please call the number above or email sales@leaven.us.


PIR Sonic Bird Chaser Model No. LS-2001

The most Powerful Bird Repeller Deters pest birds by predator’s calls of birds plus distressed bird calls to protect your property!

The SONIC BIRD CHASER uses a natural predatory principle to scare unwanted birds away from farms, orchards, gardens, yards or any other property. The built-in PIR sensor detects movement and the powerful loudspeaker broadcasts predatory calls of the hawk, falcon, and owl species as well birds in distress. The option of AUTO mode with a time interval setting allows the device to generate the signal every 5 – 30 minutes automatically. The SONIC BIRD CHASER works in the daytime only when pest birds are active. It's a practical bird scarer for agriculture application when the bird repeller is set on AUTO mode and at maximum volume for up to 1 acre protection.

  • Sparrows
  • Blackbirds
  • Pigeons
  • Crows
  • Starling, other pest birds,…, etc.


Ultrasonic BirdAway Model No.: LS-987BF

Electronic Bird Repeller with PIR + Ultrasonic + Flashing Strobes
Keeps pest birds out of your properties effectively and humanely!

Bird Away incorporates a sophisticated PIR to monitor a 3 dimensional fan shape area of 70 degree arc at a distance of 12 meters, equals to 85 square meter of unobstructed space. It will be triggered when intruding creatures are detected. Constant variable sound frequency plus bright light strobes will scare away those unwanted pest birds out of the protected garden and lawn.
Birds Affected:
  • pigeons
  • starlings
  • sparrows
  • blackbirds
  • Crows, other pest birds,..., etc.
Tired of battling birds, moles, dogs and cats? Keep animals from invading gardens and ponds with bird repellers and animal repellers. Leaven Enterprise Co., Ltd. is Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of bird repeller and bird chaser. The company, which was founded in 1986, and has a worldwide sales subsidiaries and distribution partners. Our company is a professional manufacturer of bird chaser, specializing in providing bird repellents with superior quality. For more details of how to get in touch with our sales coordinator, please go to Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.