Bird Repeller
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LS-2021,Super Bird & Animal Chaser Plus


Super Bird & Animal Chaser Plus

The most natural, humane, effective, environmental-friendly way to deter pest birds and wild animals from your property!
Using no nets, traps, chemicals, you can humanely repel birds and wild animals effectively.

Super Bird and Animal Chaser is an electronic pest controller which applies powerful frightening techniques for airfield bird control to make the device a very effective bird repeller.   The combination of predatory bird calls and bird cries plus very strong flashing strobes makes the device to repel pest birds, and unwanted animals effectively and humanely.

Combining the audio and visual impact, Super Bird and Animal Chaser will keep pest birds and unwanted animals away from the protected property, farms, gardens, yards, orchards, vineyards, fish ponds effectively, humanely and economically.

Powered by adaptor, the device can be installed at any place with electricity source by hanging it on the post or to a wall.

  • LS-2021,Super Bird & Animal Chaser
  • LS-2021,Super Bird & Animal Chaser
  • LS-2021,Super Bird & Animal Chaser
  • Applications: Farms, Lawns, Gardens, Yards, Barns, Fish Ponds, Patio, Porch, Factories, Warehouses, Any Property for Security purpose.
  • Birds Affected: Sparrows, Pigeons, Blackbirds, Crows, Starlings, Other Types of Birds.
  • Wild Animals Affected: Monkeys, Squirrels, Rabbits, Boars, Bears, Deer,…, etc.

  • Dimension: 145 x 145 x 180 mm
  • Weight: 580g (main unit only)
  • Power Source: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 cycles, Output: 9 VDC (female plug) 400mA
  • Sound: Predatory calls of hawk, owl species plus distressed bird calls
  • Flashing Strobes: 3 x Super Bright LED
  • Protection Coverage: AUTO Mode: Up to 1 acre (when volume control knob turned to maximum)
  • PIR Mode: Fan shaped area of 130°, distance up to 12 meters (163 square meters)
  • Material: Housing: ABS plastic