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Super Birdchaser Plus, LS-2020B & LS-2020BG

Leaven @ Altrason has consistently maintained ours leading position in the Taiwan market with standard and special Super Birdchaser Plus. Owing to the stringent quality policy, our Super Birdchaser Plus meets the exact requirements of varied clients. We are one of the leading suppliers and exporters of optimum quality LS-2020B & LS-2020BG, Super Birdchaser Plus. Also, our Super Birdchaser Plus is illustrious in the market for its perfect designing, flawless performance, cost-effectiveness, and other such features.
LS-2020B & LS-2020BG,Super Birdchaser Plus

LS-2020B & LS-2020BG

Super Birdchaser Plus


Super Birdchaser Plus is powered by batteries for mobility usage. Non-location limit feature makes the bird repelling program an easy, maintenance-free and economical one. Super Birdchaser Plus applies powerful frightening techniques for airfield bird control to make the device a very effective bird scaring machine. The combination of predatory bird calls and bird cries plus very strong flashing strobes makes the device to repel pest birds, and unwanted wild animals effectively and humanely.

Bio-Acoustic and Visual Repellent systems are the powerful bird frightening techniques used to be applied in airports.

Combining and exploiting the powerful bird frightening techniques, Super Birdchaser Plus can be an effective and eco-friendly way to scare most pest birds and wild animals away from the protected areas.

Using no nets, traps, chemicals, you can humanely repel birds and wild animals effectively. Battery operation of Super Birdchaser Plus allows non-location limit installation. Device can be installed at any place by hanging on the post or simply stand it. A built-in power plug allows electricity operation by adaptor once required.
Figure :

  • LS-2020B & LS-2020BG,Super Birdchaser Plus
  • LS-2020B & LS-2020BG,Super Birdchaser Plus
  • LS-2020B & LS-2020BG,Super Birdchaser Plus
  • LS-2020B & LS-2020BG,Super Birdchaser Plus
  • LS-2020B & LS-2020BG,Super Birdchaser Plus

Applications :

  • Farms * Lawns * Gardens * Yards * Pools * Orchards * Vineyards * Barns * Fish Ponds * Yachts * Camping * Factories * Warehouses * Any Property Security

Birds and Wild Animals Affected:
  • Sparrows * Pigeons * Blackbirds * Crows * Starlings * Other types of birds * Pest Animals * Monkeys * Squirrels, Rabbits * Boars * Bears * Deer,…, etc.

Specifications :

  • Dimension: 145 x 145 x 340 mm
  • Weight: 860 g (main unit only)
  • Power Source: 8 x D size alkaline battery (LR20 battery)
  • Sound: Predatory calls of hawk, owl species plus distressed bird calls
  • Flashing Strobes: Super Bright LED x 3
  • Protection Coverage: AUTO Mode: Up to 1 acre (when volume is turned to maximum) PIR Mode: area of 130°, distance of 12 meters (163 square meters)
  • Material: Housing: ABS plastic

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Leaven @ Altrason is a professional manufacturer specializes in manufacturing Super Birdchaser Plus. In order to achieve quality management and the quality assurance requirements, we especially make the quality manual to ensure that the products are produced in accordance to meet customer requirements. Moreover, we continually develop the innovative Super Birdchaser Plus to meet the various market demands and bring multiple benefits to customers always. Please feel free to leave us a message if you have any questions. We will reply to you as soon as possible and offer you our best services.