Pest Repellers
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Pest Repeller


Battery Operation Pest Repeller

Repel Mice, Rats, and Roaches from Your Home!

This ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER is operated by a 9V battery. Pests such as mice, rats, roaches,…etc. will not be used to the impulsive signals emitted by PEST REPELLER. It can be installed at any places without electricity outlets but need pest control, such as cars, campers, trucks, green houses, summer houses..., etc.
  • Safe & effective
  • 9V battery operation
  • No chemicals or poisons required
  • Built-in automatic testing light
  • Easy to install at any location
  • Effective range up to 2000 sq. feet unobstructed
  • A 9V alkaline battery can last for up to 4 months
cars, campers, trucks, green houses, summer houses, places without electric access...,etc
  • Dimensions:Ø108m/m x 30m/m
  • Frequency range :25,000Hz – 26,000Hz
  • Effective range:2,000 square feet unobstructed
  • Power supply:9V alkaline battery x 1
  • Output sound pressure:130dB (average)
  • 120PCS/CTN.2.3; N.W.: 15.8 KGS. G.W.: 17 KGS.
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