Bird Repeller
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Bird Away with ultrasonic and strobe light


Ultrasonic BirdAway Model No.: LS-987BF

Electronic Bird Repeller with PIR + Ultrasonic + Flashing Strobes
Keeps pest birds out of your properties effectively and humanely!

Bird Away incorporates a sophisticated PIR to monitor a 3 dimensional fan shape area of 70 degree arc at a distance of 12 meters, equals to 85 square meter of unobstructed space. It will be triggered when intruding creatures are detected. Constant variable sound frequency plus bright light strobes will scare away those unwanted pest birds out of the protected garden and lawn.
Birds Affected:
  • pigeons
  • starlings
  • sparrows
  • blackbirds
  • Crows, other pest birds,..., etc.
  • Effective and safe
  • Built-in test button
  • Weatherproof and maintenance free
  • Easy to mount on walls, posts, trees, etc.
  • Harmless to humans and birds
  • Dual 9V battery operation and optional adapter operation
  • Non-location limit, protecting area up to 85 square meters
  • PIR sensor detects and triggers ultrasonic emission and flashlight

  • Gardens
  • Yards
  • Ponds to protect fish
  • Any properties to be bird-free

  • Dimension: 110 x 100 x 95 mm
  • Weight:255 g
  • Power supply:9V (2 x 9V alkaline battery)
    AC adapter (optional) 220-240 VAC
    100-120VAC, Output: 9VDC 200mA
  • Power:Standby current: 0.16mA
    Exit delay time for ultrasound: approx.
    25 seconds
  • Warm up time: about 30 seconds
  • Frequency range:17,000 Hz to 24,000 Hz approx.
    (randomly and continuously variable)
  • Protection coverage: up to 85 square meters,
  • fan shaped area of 70∘(horizontal);
    9∘(vertical) at a distance of 12 meters
  • LED flashing strobe life: up to 100,000 hours
  • PACKING: 36PCS/CTN. 2.4’ (45.5 X 35.5 X 41.5CM)
  • N.W.: 11.7KGS G.W.: 13KGS.
  • HS CODE: 854370