Compact Mini Alarms
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PIR Mini Alarms TK-2


PIR Mini Alarm

PIR Mini Alarm is not only a security device but also a visitor annunciator!
Our PIR Mini Alarm is of steady quality, reliable performance as well as power efficiency. The detection covers an area of 130º at distance of 10 meters. PIR Mini Alarm can also serve as door bell.
PIR Mini Alarm with three modes:

–Chime: ding-dong sound will be activated by motion detected
–Off: When switch is on “OFF” position and unit is connected to door bell wires, unit will sound chime when door bell button is depressed.
–Alarm: a 30 second siren alarm will be triggered when intruder is detected.
  • Travel protection
  • Visitors greeting
  • PIR Mini Alarm can be a household alarm
  • Restricted area
  • Monitors surroundings
  • Camping
  • Dimensions: 79 x 52 x 60 m/m
  • Weight : 87 grams
  • Power supply : 9V (1 x 9V alkaline battery)
  • Power consumption: 50μA (standby)
  • Detection coverage: 130º, 10 meters