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Sonic Animal Repeller Supplier in Taiwan| Leaven @ Altrason

Leaven @ Altrason founded in 1984 to venture into the competitive and challenging world of security system and provide solutions of animal repeller, animal repellent, animal control device and related security solutions. This animal repeller humanely keep pest animals out of your yard without poisons or traps. As a supplier and provider of complete solutions with locations in close proximity to our customers around the world, Leaven @ Altrason is able to deliver comprehensive servicing for your animal repeller in many other industries. Everything we do as a company is based on reinforcing our position as the finest, most responsive solution provider in the animal chaser industry.
LS-987F Animal Chasers


Animal-Away Plus

Combines PIR, Ultrasonic, Sonic, and Flashing Strobe to Chase Unwelcome Animals out of your Garden and Yard!

Animal-Away Plus is an advanced device as flashing strobe to detect and keep strayed or unwelcome animal pests from entering your properly day and night. Animal-Away Plus applies ultrasonic sound with flash strobes to keep unwelcome animals from your garden, lawn, and yard effectively and humanely.

This latest Animal-Away Plus is a convenient, non-location limited effective and humane way to keep the cats, dogs, rabbits, squirrels and potential animal pests out of your gardens, lawn and yard without harming them.
Figure :

  • LS-987F,Animal-Away Plus
  • LS-987F,Animal-Away Plus
  • LS-987F,Animal-Away Plus
  • LS-987F,Animal-Away Plus
  • LS-987F,Animal-Away Plus
  • LS-987F,Animal-Away Plus

Applications :

  • Flower beds
  • Bird bath/feeders
  • Garden, lawn and yard
  • Near ponds to protect fish
  • Indoors (may require pet dog or cat intrusion prevention)
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Squirrels
  • Rabbits
  • Outdoor rodents
  • Pest birds
  • Pest Animals in fear of flashing lights

Specifications :

  • Dimensions:110 x 100 x 95 m/m
  • Weight : 255 grams
  • Power supply :9V (2 x 9V alkaline battery) AC adapter (optional)
  • Protection coverage: up to 85 square meters
  • LED flashing strobe life:up to 100,000 hours
  • PACKING: 36PCS/CTN.2.4’ (45.5X35.5X41.5CM)
    N.W.: 11.7KGS
    G.W.: 13 KGS.

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Our animal repeller safely repels rodents, squirrels, deer, raccoons, feral cats, skunks, opossums, armadillos, rabbits, bats, wild pigs and much more. Leaven @ Altrason is an acknowledged leader in the manufacture of animal repeller, animal repellent and animal chaser, with distribution across the globe. Our animal repeller is produced with top quality materials under highest production standards and have acquired all needed certificates for quality and performance. Please contact our sales office in Taiwan to discuss the suitability of animal control device for your applications or email us for more information.