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Dog repellers are all designed to repel unwanted canine intruders from a specific area. This dog repeller works by emitting sonic and ultrasonic sound waves that canines find offensive. You can mount it on an outdoor storage shed, tree or fence. In addition to dog chaser, do not forget that one option for keeping dogs away from your property may be simply to erect ​a fence. Leaven @ Altrason founded in 1984, is a comprehensive and high-tech enterprise for ultrasonic dogchaser. As a supplier of standard & customultrasonic dogchaser, we offer outstanding quality products with competitive price.
Dog Repeller


Ultrasonic Dogchaser


ULTRASONIC DOGCHASER is the most humane and safe way to deter the unfriendly dogs. It can also function as dog training device by pressing the power button and in conjunction with verbal or hand commends. ULTRASONIC DOGCHASER is operated on a 9V alkaline battery.


  • Joggers
  • Bicyclists v
  • Elderly people
  • Postmenv
  • Police
  • Anyone who is afraid of dogs

Features :

  • Battery operation
  • Solid construction
  • Hand held type with built-in belt clip
  • To help create a safe zone between user and the unfriendly dogs
  • Can be used as a dog trainer

Specifications :

  • Dimensions:94 x 60 x 27 m/m
  • Weight :53 grams
  • Power supply :9V (1 x 9V alkaline battery)
  • Effective range: within 20 feet
    120PCS/CTN.1.64’ (46X26X40CM)
    N.W.: 10.5 KGS
    G.W.: 11.3 KGS.

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Whatever the reasons you want to keep a dog away, there are many dog repellants or dog repellers that you can choose from Leaven @ Altrason. This dog repeller do not kill or harm dogs, it works to avoid dogs come near your yard or garden. We offer professional dog repeller, dog chasers which can meet specific requirements and customer needs. We welcome the feedback of all our customers regarding service, selection, pricing or anything that can help us serve you better.