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LEAVEN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. was established in Taipei, Taiwan on September 15, 1984. Since 1984, we have been engaged in developing and manufacturing ultrasonic pest control device, animal repeller, mole repellers, bird repeller, rodent repellent, insect repeller, mosquito repeller, snake repeller, air purifiers and general electronic products. Leaven’s pest control products are designed and made for effectiveness, power efficiency and environmental friendly for better pest free and chemical-free living environments. Accumulating years of experience, we can provide you with good quality products, punctual delivery and reasonable prices to meet your market demands. All of our products are of CE, EMC, GS, UL, PSE, SAA approvals and of RoHS compliant. Our R&D Dept. continually designs new products for our existing customers and new clients all over the worlds for a better pest free and pollutant free environments. Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of electronic rodent and insect repeller in Taiwan. We ensure you of efficient services and good quality products.

Bird Repeller Supplier in Taiwan | LEAVEN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.

Our bird repellers make landing or roosting difficult for the birds, so they will leave that area and find a better place to roost. In addition, this bird repeller is ideal to install and place in small areas to block flocking birds away from your house and building. Leaven Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of bird repellers, bird repellents and bird chasers in Taiwan. We promise to provide quality products to our customers in a timely manner and at a competitive price. We believe in the future of bird repellents and we think it is paramount to enable this technology in a way that maximizes safety, reliability, efficiency, and value.
Bird Repellent



Electronic Bird Repeller with PIR + Ultrasonic + Flashing Strobes
Keeps pest birds out of your properties effectively and humanely!

Birds Affected:
  • pigeons
  • starlings
  • sparrows
  • blackbirds
  • Crows, other pest birds,..., etc.
Figure :

  • LS-987BF,BirdAway
  • LS-987BF,BirdAway
  • LS-987BF,BirdAway
  • LS-987BF,BirdAway
  • LS-987BF,BirdAway


  • Effective and safe
  • Built-in test button
  • Weatherproof and maintenance free
  • Easy to mount on walls, posts, trees, etc.
  • Harmless to humans and birds
  • Dual 9V battery operation and optional adapter operation
  • Non-location limit, protecting area up to 85 square meters
  • PIR sensor detects and triggers ultrasonic emission and flashlight


  • Gardens
  • Yards
  • Ponds to protect fish
  • Any properties to be bird-free


  • Dimension: 110 x 100 x 95 mm
  • Weight:255 g
  • Power supply:9V (2 x 9V alkaline battery)
    AC adapter (optional) 220-240 VAC
    100-120VAC, Output: 9VDC 200mA
  • Power:Standby current: 0.16mA
    Exit delay time for ultrasound: approx.
    25 seconds
  • Warm up time: about 30 seconds
  • Frequency range:17,000 Hz to 24,000 Hz approx.
    (randomly and continuously variable)
  • Protection coverage: up to 85 square meters,
  • fan shaped area of 70∘(horizontal);
    9∘(vertical) at a distance of 12 meters
  • LED flashing strobe life: up to 100,000 hours
  • PACKING: 36PCS/CTN. 2.4’ (45.5 X 35.5 X 41.5CM)
  • N.W.: 11.7KGS G.W.: 13KGS.
  • HS CODE: 854370

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These bird repellers don’t harm animals, but just make treated areas unwelcoming and uncomfortable. We carry some great bird repellers that can help prevent and deter nuisance birds in your yard. As a leading Manufacturer of bird chaser, we provide first-rate bird repellents that meets specific technical and performance requirements. Our bird repeller is illustrious in the market for its perfect designing, flawless performance, cost effectiveness, and other such features. At Leaven Enterprise Co., Ltd., you get more than products, you get a dedicated team. If you're in Taiwan and need expert advice from our experienced and knowledgeable staff, please visit our showroom.