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Animal Repellers, Animal Chasers in Taiwan| Leaven @ Altrason

Our animal repeller, which also called animal chaser is ideal for solving situations that require a simple one-time installation, and a clean eco-friendly approach. Animal repellers emit high-frequency sound waves that keep pest animals away, while remaining nearly silent to humans. Ultrasonic animal control frequencies are used to irritate, confuse, and intimidate pests within range. At Leaven @ Altrason, you get more than products, you get a dedicated team. We have been specializing in manufacturing animal repeller for many years. We have confidence in our quality.
Super Animal-Away


Super Animal-Away


SUPER ANIMAL-AWAY is a pioneering new method of combining PIR (Passive Infrared detection system) and supersonic sound waves to deter and keep unwelcome pets (dogs, cats) and potential animal pests from entering your property.
Features :

  • Operated by two 9V alkaline batteries or optional main adaptor
  • Compact design, main unit with mounting shelter
  • Easy installation, can be hanged on tree, on post, on the wall by the mounting shelter.
  • Maintenance free, steady quality and reliable construction
  • Built-in LED indicator to confirm the detection and sound waves emission
  • Built-in test button to check the proper operation
  • Effective, safe, humane, environmentally friendly
  • Weather resistant

Applications :


  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Foxes
  • Squirrels
  • Rabbits
  • Flower beds
  • Bird bath / bird feeders
  • Garden, lawn and yard
  • Near ponds to protect fish
  • Indoors for dog or cat intrusion prevention

Specifications :

  • Dimension: 110 X 100 X 95mm
  • Weight:250gram (main module + shelter)
  • Power supply:9V (2x9V alkaline battery)
    (battery life: 3,500 times of trigger)
  • AC adaptor (optional): Output 9VDC
  • Power:Standby current: 0.16mA
  • Exit delay time for ultrasound: about 25 seconds
  • Warm up time: about 30 seconds
  • Frequency range:18,000 Hz to 24,000 Hz appro.
    (frequency changing randomly and continuously)
  • Protection Coverage: 85 square meters (fan shaped area of 70 degree,
    distance up to 12 meters)
  • PACKING: 36PCS/CTN.2.4’ (45.5X35.5X41.5CM)
    N.W.: 11.3 KGS
    G.W.: 12.5 KGS.

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Animal repeller at Leaven @ Altrason, these sounds do not harm animals, but they cause enough discomfort to teach pests to avoid the area. Leaven @ Altrason has consistently leveraged the combination of our partners’ technologies with our own existing know-how and manufacturing capabilities to provide high quality animal repeller and animal chaser to customers. We test our products on various quality parameters to ensure the quality of our products. Besides this, through offering products competitive prices and adhering to on time delivery schedule, we have developed healthy business relationship with our variegated clients. If you have any questions about our LS-987S animal repeller, or to place an order, please call our sales department and speak with any one of our professional representatives for further information.