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Dual Power B/O Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, LS-925M

Dual Power B/O Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is made from premium material for optimum application to achieve the best fit and specifications for reliability. Leaven @ Altrason is a well-reputed organization dealing with the manufacturing and supplying of Dual Power B/O Ultrasonic Pest Repeller and other relative products. We have established strong customer relationships by providing innovative, user-friendly and high-quality products that are manufactured in our sound infrastructure. As being a reputed manufacturer and exporter in the industry, Leaven @ Altrason will more focus on the quality and innovation of the Dual Power B/O Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, and provide impeccable service and reasonable price for the customers.
LS-925M,Dual Power B/O Ultrasonic Pest Repeller


Dual Power B/O Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Using ultrasonic sound wave to repel pests is known in the art of pest control. Sufficient intensity and duration of ultrasonic sound wave can attack the auditory and nervous systems of most common insects and pests. They will attempt to avoid and give up staying at the place. The new comers will not be allowed to appear with your ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER working all the time.
Based on the years experience and laboratory research, ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER is developed to efficiently drive mice, rats, martens, fleas, ticks, spiders and some other pests away from your home.
Features :

ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER projects direct frequency of 25,000 Hz to 26,000 Hz for 0.3 second at every 4 seconds intermittently. It will affect pests badly and they will never used to the undulatory signal emitted by ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER. For example, the clock knocks once every one second, people will get used to it after a certain time, Supposed it knocks once every 4 seconds, it will trouble you after 4-second rest. For those pests, hearing ultrasonic sound for 0.3 second after every 4-second rest will strongly attack their auditory and nervous systems. Pests will never get used to it but move out. The pulse produced by ULTRASONIC PEST CONTROLLER is as the diagram below.
Ultrasonic Output:
Graph for the change of frequency and sound pressure (dB)
ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER – DUAL POWER uses two pcs. of 9V battery. Battery life should last 6-8 months for 24 hours continuous operation. Its effective range for mice and rats is approx. 2,000-2,500 square ft. unobstructed; for fleas and ticks and other smaller size insects is approx 1,100 square ft. unobstructed. As it is operated by battery, ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER can be installed at any places, especially the place of dead corners, place of no wall outlet, such as inside of closets or cabinet, pet house, barn. Besides, ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER can be installed at any places by its hanging hole, or just place it on the floor.
  1. Remove the bottom case as the below by twisting it counterclockwise.
  2. Install 2 pcs. of 9V alkaline battery to the snap connector and place battery in the right position.
  3. Replace the bottom case by twisting it clockwise until locked.
  4. The light indicate will flash about every 4 seconds to let you know the unit is working properly When the light stops blinking, it is time to replace battery.
HOW TO INSTALL ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER The installation of ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER will vary the effective range. As the ultrasonic sound wave cannot penetrate walls, ceilings and floors, it is recommended that ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER should be placed facing outward into the room, and each room should place one unit. Materials that absorb common sound will also absorb ultrasonic sound. Hard surfaces can reflect ultrasonic waves emitted by ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER bounce off along the walls of the room until the room is fully filled of ultrasonic sound. The following pictures show how the unit works.

Placed on the floor:
Mounted to the wall:
The rate at which the ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER works depends on the level of pest infestation. Usually the effect can be noted at the treated area in approx. two weeks at the treated area with ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER. Full protection may take up four weeks. In areas with a high level of pest infestation, initial chemical control of the area will speed up results.
  1. Do not let the unit come in contact with water.
  2. Do not modify or tamper with the unit internal components.
  3. Do not face the unit to soft objects as they will absorb the sound wave.
  4. Use only 9V alkaline battery. Always remove an old or weak battery.
  5. Covering or painting over the front speaker can damage the device and cause it malfunction or working improperly.

Specifications :

  • Dimension: Ø108 m/m X 24 m/m
  • Frequency Range: 25,000 Hz to 26,000 Hz
  • Effective Range: 2,000 sq. ft. unobstructed
  • Power Supply: 9V DC battery X 2
  • Output Sound Pressure: 130 dB (average)

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Leaven @ Altrason is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of Dual Power B/O Ultrasonic Pest Repeller in Taiwan. We promise to provide quality products to our customers in a timely manner and at a competitive price. Leaven @ Altrason's products have always been known for quality and reliability, making our Dual Power B/O Ultrasonic Pest Repeller becomes the most specified brand in the agricultural, animal & aquatic business. We welcome the feedback of all our customers regarding service, selection, pricing or anything that can help us serve you better.